Shahid Hashemi-Nejad Subspecialty Hospital was established in 1957 under the supervision of The Ministry of Health and Iran University of Medical Sciences with 190 approved beds.

The hospital started its expansive activities as the national center for the treatment of Urology, Nephrology, Hemodialysis and Transplants from 1985.

Use of qualitative models like EFQM, ISO, JCI, Clinical Governance, BSM and National Accreditation over the years has led to the qualitative and quantitative advancement of the specialty services of this organization.

Below are only a few of the organization’s achievements during the recent years:

  • Awarded the National Award Crystal Figure for productivity and organizational excellence
  • Awarded the Green Management Award
  • Obtained ISO Certificates
  • Awarded the Clinical Governance Figure as a top organization
  • Obtained Excellent First Rank of Accreditation among 1050 hospitals around the country

Shahid Hashemi-Nejad Subspecialty Center measures standards through strategies and classified programming to promote quality and safety measures in order to provide safe and quality patient care.

Hashemi-Nejad Treatment Group strives to exclusively present the most desired treatment and educational services to the patients according to their special needs and by utilizing the latest technology and up-to-date medical achievements.

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