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Educational Accreditation Certificate for Shahid Hasheminejad Hospital

On the basis of the decision of the two hundred sixty-second session of the Council for the Development of Medical Sciences Universities, dated 19/19/1969, and considering the “Examination of external evaluation documents based on the educational standards of assessment and accreditation of educational hospitals”, the educational accreditation certificate of the hospital Hashemi Nejad has been […]

7th ISN-EMAN updates in Nephrology Congress, December 13-16, 2017 in Dubai

Congress 7th ISN-EMAN updates in Nephrology, held December 13-16, 2017 in Dubai. With the support of Iran’s Nephrology Ensemble and nephrology professors of Hasheminejad Hospital, four recent graduates and three from the second year of nephrology, representing Iran, attended the congress. 8 papers were sent and accepted by Iranian neophrologists to Congress, where 5 of […]

Beginning of Urology Nursing Career Training Center of Iran University of Medical Sciences in Shahid Hasheminejad Hospital

This base will start from Novamber 28, 2017, and will end on December 29, 2017. During this course, nurses have been involved in surgical wards of the hospitals covered by the university, and nurses are expected to become familiar with men’s, women’s and children’s urology education. The workshop also has a retraining point in the […]