7th ISN-EMAN updates in Nephrology Congress, December 13-16, 2017 in Dubai

Congress 7th ISN-EMAN updates in Nephrology, held December 13-16, 2017 in Dubai. With the support of Iran’s Nephrology Ensemble and nephrology professors of Hasheminejad Hospital, four recent graduates and three from the second year of nephrology, representing Iran, attended the congress. 8 papers were sent and accepted by Iranian neophrologists to Congress, where 5 of the colleagues attended the congress and proudly formed a significant share of the posters presented at the congress.

The pre-congress course focused on Peritoneal Dialysis and Interventional Nephrology, and Dr Iraj Najafi was introduced as a speaker in the Peritoneal Dialysis Period, and presented his research on the effects of stem cells on membrane failure, along with his PhD student.

On the first day of the congress, the lectures were on Clinical Nephrology, with members of the ISN board such as Dr. David Harris, Dr. John Feyaly and Dr. Shahrzad Extract, including lecturers.

The second day of the congress was held with the presentation of various aspects of dialysis and in the afternoon a workshop on the topic Nephrology in ICU Patients held a case study and the first case presentation by Dr. Shahrzad Extract was presented and discussed.

On the sidelines of the second day of the program, the ISN Middle East Regional Board Meeting was held by Dr. Shahrzad Extarat as a member of the ISN board of directors on the Middle East, and the Deputy Regional Committee and Dr. Samaneh Hashemi as the Representative for Young Nephrologists. The meeting was attended. The report highlighted the presence and participation of different countries in the Middle East, the ISN in the Middle East, by Dr. Mohammad Qanameti and Dr. Mona Al-Karkhi, as well as the overall ISN program by Dr. David Harris and Dr John Fejali and members of the Middle East Committee. Among the significant points in statistics, the highest number of Iranian nephrologists was among the Middle East countries, which was planned by the Iranian Association of Nephrology for a group of Iranian nephrologists, as well as Dr David Harris’s emphasis on planning a Nephrology course in Tajikistan by the doctor Shahrzad Extract, which actually exceeded its mandate in the Middle East Committee, and was very much appreciated by the head of the ISN.

The final day of the Congress focused on kidney transplantation, and the final congressional event was held on the eve of the third day as an ISN workshop hosted by members of the Congressional ISN Board, including Dr. Mohammad Qanameti, Dr. Mona Al-Karkhi, Dr. David Harris, and Dr. Shahrzad Extract. The main issue was the presentation of ISN’s international and regional programs and objectives. In this panel of Dr. Shahrzad, he presented a report on the recent earthquake in Kermanshah. He also thanked the numerous efforts of nephrologists in Kermanshah, as well as the support and follow up of the Board of Directors of the Iranian Nephrology Association from the first hours by sending protocols for treatment, establishing an online group for close contact with district physicians, The presence of nephrology professors in the region to monitor the implementation of the guidelines closely and ultimately the low number of cases of acute renal failure and the lack of dialysis cases, as well as the rapid management and management of chronic dialysis patients and financial, scientific, and financial support for the incident. He was aware of the readiness of protocols to be up-to-date, based on the experience of previous earthquakes and the collaboration with the ISN task force group. These results, and especially the lack of the need for even one of the country-parties affected by acute dialysis, were awarded to Dr. David Harris and other participants. Also, Dr. Exeta presented the goals and details of his trip to Tajikistan in order to provide scientific assistance to doctors in the country. At the end of the 3 articles presented at the congress, the third rank was allocated to the article by Dr. Waheedeh Yavari from Shiraz University.

The professors of Hashemi Nejad Hospital expressed their special gratitude and gratitude to the Iranian Association of Nephrology and their professors Dr. Shahrzad Osareh and Dr. Yousef Ataei Poor for the support and availability of all second year nephrology presentations at the Congress.

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