Cultural & Sports Programs

نسخه قابل چاپارسال به دوستان

Cultural facilities

  • Pilgrimage of Ashura is held every week on Saturday in the chapel of the hospital
  • Celebration of Holy Quran in Ramadan
  • Planning for pilgrimage trips to Qom, Jamkaran, Karbala, Syria throughout the year
  • Full-time attendance for advice
  • Holding various competitions and awarding prizes
  • Holding educational, psychological and cultural classes

Educational facilities

  • The possibility of company employees at the hospital fee at seminars, congresses and retraining outside the hospital.
  • Conducting workshops and management seminars for senior executives on a regular basis at the hospital
  • Conducting educational and recreational seminars for all staff twice a year
  • Allocate an annual amount for purchase of scientific books to the Deputy Educational Institution
  • Training courses for staff tailored to the needs of the organization, the need for the organization and the desire of the organization (40 hours of specialized training and 72 hours of accreditation training per year)
  • Preparation and printing of educational pamphlets on diseases, to inform patients and patients in the hospital
  • Preparation and printing of educational pamphlets for employees (both public and private) at all levels of the organization.
  • Conducting general education courses such as English, ICDL and ...