نسخه قابل چاپارسال به دوستان

Head: T. Kashefi

Secretariat is controlled by administrative Department.The unit is equipped with three computers, two printers and two scanners. 3persons are working in this unit from 7:30 am to 16.

This unit has two office automation system for internal and external work communications. All incoming letters are scanned and recorded in internal automation system and is referred to senior management then to directors, after senior managements' comments.

The letters for outside of the hospital will be investigated and signed and stamped and then sent to relevant organizations by a messenger or automation system.Stamp of this unit is estimated only on the signature of C.E.O and hospital administrator.

Confidential letters are recorded in a confidential environment and referred only to the head of the hospital and will be archived in a separate binder.

All the contracts following the approval,are registered by Mrs. KASHEFI in this unit and is sent a copy for the relevant company and a copy to accounting.

Factors and their signings after confirming, are recorded by Mrs. KASHEFI  and sent to the accounting unit.The minutes of the Committees are register by Mrs. Mohammadi and then send a copy to the management unit and an electronic version forwarded on the portal to the relevant authorities.
The various minutes are recorded in this unit and sent to the relevant authorities. All documentation related to letters and minutes of meetings are archived in this unit. The letters for board of trustees will be prepared for transplant patients by Mrs. KASHEFI.
Some letters that are needed to keep track of the other organizations will be followed by Mr. Lali. All letters and magazines and brochures are distributed by the postman(Mr. Lali) in the hospital. The extension of credit of insurance book done by Mr. Lali .
Mrs. Mohammadi also works in collaboration with the Quality Control Unit and updating the site and type some letters.