Landry & Dressmaking

نسخه قابل چاپارسال به دوستان


  Head: P.Baadbareh

  Phone Number: 021-8116424

  Number of Personnel: 8employees (7 as operator and 1 as a tailor) are    working.


Description of the equipment with their number: 5 fully automatic washing machine, 4 automatic dryer, 2 press Iron (for ironing clothes), 2 press rollers (for ironing linen), Unit 2 sewing machine in seamstress unit.


Work Tasks:

In this unit, all of the fabric in both Hasheminejad and Moheb hospital used,are washing and disinfecting. in dressmaking unit, Sheets, fabrics and pillowcases, that are required in operating rooms and wards are sewing or repaired.

Work Time: This unit works all days and nights and dressmaking unit works in the mornings.

Organizational Chart: landry and dressmaking are controlled by administration