Extra Corporal Shock wave Lithotrispy

نسخه قابل چاپارسال به دوستان














Head: J.Soleimani M.D

Secratory: Mrs.Ebrahimi

This unit work from 6:30 in the morning until 14 in afternoon. All the patient should have doctors advice for and they should be fasting and eat castor oil.

before ESWL patient should wear special cloths, do enipuncture and bowel preparation an after ESWL should eat lot of water and do exercises.

Patient acceptance: After visiting patient by doctors if they advice them for ESWL they reffer to this unit, in this unit we read their document and if they dont have any special problem set  an appointment for them and give them enough explanation for preparing ESWL and Mrs.Ebrahimi guide the patient. After doing this and accept the patient transfer them to recovery room for  change the cloths and chek the vital sign. After this anesthesiologist prepare patient for ESWL and after ESWL trasfer the patient to recovery and then get explain to them for the act after that.