Social Work

نسخه قابل چاپارسال به دوستان

Head: M.Hosseinzadeh

Phone Number:021-8116299

According to the organizational chart,this unit serves under the hospital administrator with the assistance of a social worker expert.

Work Time:7:30A.M to 14:30P.M.

The main mission of this unit is guidance, assistance and facilitation in the treatment of patients.

Tasks of Unit

1.Coordination and interaction with other organizational units

2.Working with advocacy organizations

3. Attracting private sources of support (donors)

4.Trying to promote the needs of patients and guiding them

5.Controlling the documentation process of patients'affairs in order to provide monthly statistics to the hospital administrator and ministry of health

this unit is located on the ground floor includes 2 people

this unit has2 sets of computer.