Radiology and Sonography

نسخه قابل چاپارسال به دوستان










This unit has three part(radiology, sonography and MRI) included modern equipments and working 24 hours for patients inside and outside of hasheminejad hospital.

Head of radiology: M.Baghei M.D

Attendings:Bagheri M.D , Darabi M.D, Salavati M.D

Supervisor: M.A.Ahmadi

In radiology unit we use modern radiography and floroskopy euipment and all the patients can have their own cd and film of radiology.

In sonography unit we expert specialists that offer services all day, this unit do all he kidney sonographies, doppler of vessels, doppler of all body and doppler for kidney transparant. We do prostate biopsy, liver biopsy, nephrostomy and cysts discharge and all this services done by insurance and governmental rate. 

This unit work from 7 AM until 7 PM and accept patients by doctors request and work all day and holidays.



Radiology unit: In this ward we have three digital and advanced device of radiography and digital device of fluoroscopy that do all the kidney radiography with high quality. That pictures analyses with pacs software and send to all the wards of hospital.Report for patient will be prepared in 24 hours.

9 person work in this unit in three shifts and work 24 hours.

Sonography ward:

In this unit we have 6 sonography device ( 3 doppler and 3 normal) that work  12 hours with three radiologist and four radiology assistant. this unit work 7:30 in morning until 7 in afternoon, on holidays and nights work for emergancy patient.

In this unit do all the usual sonography and doppler for kidney, vessel and transrectal every day. also we do all the kidney biopsy, prostate biopsy, cysts dischareges,.... Each day aboy 100 patient accepted in this unit that 20 of them had doppler and interonational. report of sonography will prepare after 20 minutes.

MRI unit:

This unit work with modern device 1.5T and experts and 6 radiologist from 7:30 in morning until 10 at night. We do whole body MRI with and without injection.

All the pictures of this unit send wards with pacs software for resident patient and report of MRI prepare in 48 hours for other patients.