Medical Records

نسخه قابل چاپارسال به دوستان


Head: S.Mehrabi

This department is consist of statistics, coding, filing and admission units and is part of the supportive units.According to the organizational chart,This department is under the hospital administrator.

Worktime: 7:30AM. to 14:30PM and shifting to 16PM.

The main mission of this department is patient care information management.

Tasks of this department:

1.Paper and automated storage and retrieval of patient care information for medical ,education, research, legal and judicial purposes

2.Calculation and analysis of indicators of health, providing the activity diagrams at different time intervals in order to improve the quality of activities in terms of quantity and quality.

3.Implementation process and....records of outpatients and inpatients

4.Creating a favorable base to the realization of scanning network.

5.Efforting  to improve patient satisfaction through proper and respectful dealing with clients,find clearance due to discharge of outpatients with personal preference,Significanting waiting list and Trying to shorten the time of admission and finding the ways to highten the speed and accuracy and quality.

6.Controlling and monitoring the complete documentation of patient records in order to document the healing process to provide public and private insurance,reduction of  insurance payments.


Medical Records Department is located on the ground floor and Medical Records Department staff consists of 5 people.


S.Mehrabi                                      Head of Medical Records

M.imani                                         Head of archive

N.safari                                         Head of statistics(substitude)

N.Salehi                                       Head of coding

Hospitalization admissions: is located on the ground floor and  consists of 5 people.

A.Asgari                                                     Head of admissions

R.Asadollahi moghaddam                             Receptionist(substitude)

Vahedi,Hadadi                                               Receptionist

Outpatient admissions:  is located in the clinic building

M.Farhamandyar                                           Clinic Receptionist

9 computers, 2 scanners, files and fixed rail are in this department.