نسخه قابل چاپارسال به دوستان

Head: Eng.M.R. Razeghian

Expert: P. Jadidi

Phone Number: 021-8116308

Establishment and implementation of comprehensive informatics system in line with the strategies is the main task of the IT department. In line with the main task of the department, use of new information technology that accelerates data extraction, clarification and validation of data integrity, should be placed on the agenda of this department.Runing the routin affairs of the organization by using information technology, is one of the tasks of the IT department.Turning the quantitative criteria to qualitative transformation in order to increase management decision-making  power and ultimately achieve the goals of the organization is a top priority for IT departments.


Position in organizational chart:

IT department servesunder the management of the hospital.

Tasks of department:

1.Respecting for the client

2.Punctuality and discipline of work and comply with ethical codes

3.Participation in Meetings

4.Cooperation in the implementation of programs and related goals

5.Perform other related matters on orders from a superior officer

6.Providing a suitable base for the establishment of the ICT Master Plan with the help of elite consultants and executives

7.Assessment and use of new technologies in order to facilitate the tasks related to the IT field

8.Selection of experienced contractors with good reputation and deal with them

9.Benchmarking of successful cases for development of IT in the field of health

10.Creating a framework for promoting the knowledge of using  IT at different levels of organization

11.The interface between the hospital and contractors related to the field of IT in hospital

12.Make appropriate base of using the Internet and wireless as an important and efficient tool

13.Management and troubleshooting of users computer systems

14.Take Orders and work programs from the relevant administrator

Namber of persons:

2persons, including one chief and one expert