Public Affairs

نسخه قابل چاپارسال به دوستان

Director of Unit: M. Hashemi


According to the organizational chart,this unit is under the hospital administrator. Director of unit provides reports from performance of the units that are led by hospital administrator. security, housekeeping, callcenter, Landry, welfare and cultural, admission, personnel and Secretariat are under the supervision of the Director of public affairs.Supervising tasks and follow-up requests for administrative tasks performed by this unit.In addition to the above sectors, monitoring of the rest of the hospital,such as Parking, clinic and supportive units is her responsibilities and also identifying and correcting weakness points as soon as possible.Head of Public Affairs, does personnel administrative services, including the issuance of payroll deduction, proof of employment and the issuance of letters of introduction for different organizations in cooperation with personnel units.She/he also carry out the necessary welfare services and programs for staff welfare facilities such as basket of products,pool cards,Sadeghieh Mashhad Hotel, Ramsar Kowsar Hotel and paying the cost of kindergarten.

This unit is concerned with matters relating to the secretaries,securities and their uniform. Head of Public Affairs Participates in sterategic meetings and other related committees in the hospital and monitors the hospital parchases and participates in contracts to contractors.

Director of unit should notices rules and salaries regulations related to personnel to them.She/he takes emotional intelligence and computer skills tests to hire new persons.she/he should know properly the evaluation of personel and other rules and programs of  personel also should manage complaints, criticisms and suggestions of personnel. she/he should pursues enforcements.

Director of unit also has external communications with superior organizations so she/he should represent positive and satisfactory engagement. She/he develops the scorecard and action plan for projects of administration field. she/he should respect for human dignity staff and listen to their speeches and declarations and direct them with justice.

Computer and telephone and printer are office equipment and supplies required for this unit.