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Labratory of Hasheminejad hospital include 2 part:

1- central labratory

2- labratory of emergency and blood bank

Central labratory: This part located near clinic and work time is 7 AM to 7 PM. this unit include biochemistry, hematology, sampling,receiption, hormonal test and body liquid. Head of labratory, technical head and supervisor pf this unit are in labratory building.  Duty of this unit is testing all the patient that come to hospital those who resident in hospital or not. this part has 19 staff and they work under the supervision of superrvisor Mr.Abedi.

In this center all the activity unless body liquid do with machines without human interference and all of the equipment has standard that ministry of health accept them.

Emergency Lab: This labratory is in ground floor of hospital that include blood bank and laratory at night shift. Blood bank is working 24 hours and emergancy lab work 7 AM to 5 PM. It has  12 staff that 3 of them work for night shift. Duty of this lab is doing all the test(with direction) of patients who are residents or ambulatory.

Emergency lab is under thw supervision of centeral lab and have that organization chart.

Head of Lab:T.shoshtarizade M.D

Supervisor: R.Abedi