Your voice

نسخه قابل چاپارسال به دوستان

Head: N.Sari


Hasheminejad kidney center dou to respect to the patient and visitors create unit called your voice, although all the patients and visitors can directly report their problem and complaints. our experienced staff in this unit heard your voice and try to solve your problem as soon as possible. This unit report the problem to manager of hospital and follow up until they make the solution. Because of the mission that this unit have there are several rules that this unit obey them:

 1- Clarification: This hospital should inform all the poeple that refer to it into their rights and let them know how to use it.

 2- Easy access: In the event of verify the complaints by this unit should be easy this unit oblige it self to do it.

3- Responding: ُSince this unit should study complaints as soon as possible and reported to whom have complain, sorted all the complaints and by the experienced staff  solve the problems.

4- Realism: Although each complaints should check fair and impartially, in this hospital this unit is direct representative of patients and visitors and have impartially relationship with thw manager of hospital and part of the hospital dou to solve the problem and complaints.

5- cost: Check and follow up the complaints are compeletly free in this unit and there is no cost for patients.

6- Privacy: All the information about patient who has complaint are private and nobody dont know anything about them unless they want so we apply someone who is confidant in this proccess.

7- Customer-oriented: One of the important approach of hospital is accepting feedback of stakeholders and try to remove the complaints so this unit is reperesentative of hospital for this mission and have direct relation to plaintiffs.

8- Continuous improvement: Although supervising complaints is usual goal for this hospital, this unit always listen to complaints and report their comments and try improve strategic goals.

This unit is subset of quality and management unit and head of this is Ms. Sari. Time work of this unit is 7:30 to 14.