Systems and methods

نسخه قابل چاپارسال به دوستان

 Manager of systems and methods: F.Semnani

 Tel: 8116396

 This unit is under the direct supervision of head of hospital and started working since 2007. In chart of organization this unit called systems and methods office and it has not executive role in this organization.

Sine 2012 by overviewing chart these units became subset of systems and methods unit: your voice, empowerment, quality guarantee,recommendations system and HSE.

Head of this unit is Mrs.Semani that she manage this unit according to structure of organization, alone. By cooperating clinical , para-cilinical and all units of hospital she manage this unit and perform all managing system duo to qualify this hospital.

This unit is substitution of three office, accreditation, clinical governance and excellence in hospitals that under the supervision of universities. this unit by control and supervisiong on all indexes report all of standard deviation of other units and offer priority improvement to them.

                                                                                                                By the job description of organization, systems and method unit should overveiw strategic plan and manager of this unit is one one senior manager of organization.

Work time of this unit is same as the other units start in 7 in morning and end uo in 3 afternoon. Because of direct interaction between this unit and manager of hospital and nursing office this unit reported the results and solutions directly to ceo of hospital and give offer to other parts.

work of this office follow up by Ms.Mohamadi and other secratories of hospital do the other work and type letters. All the documents that related to quality control archived in this unit and organize by Ms.Lajevardi with HIS system.