Nursing office

نسخه قابل چاپارسال به دوستان

 F. Naghibi

  • Managing on quality of nursing services operate in this office by chek list of control and evaluate.
  •  Safetyness and high quality services are the caption of nursing care that they follow by programing and this is the pattern of nursing office.
  • Staff of nursing office are, nursing manager, training supervisor, clinical suoervisor and secratory, this office using some ot staff as supervisor in each shift.
  • Nursing office control the quality of services of all wards and reported to all of them by clinical supervisors. Training courses for staff also done by this part that some of them are in the hospital and some of them are out of hospital.
  • Key proccesses of nursing management are: Evaluation management, education management, human resource management, planing management of all proccesses ,train new staff, all of those are perform in nursing office and also control and supervise them.
  • Nursing office always wants to know your idea and your experiences from all organization without any hesitate.
  •  All the administrative proceeding of nurses done by nursing office.