نسخه قابل چاپارسال به دوستان

  Including activity of ceo department:

  1. Holding meetings with consultants and experts in healthcaring system.
  2. Codify, develop and supervise strategic plan of hospital.
  3. Communicate with professors of authorative university of management.
  4. Holding meetings with managing group of Hasheminejad and Moheb hospital.
  5. Solve the problem of patients those who refer to ceo department.
  6. Managing and controlling construction project directly or indirectly.
  7. Make plan for advancement of senior managers by traning and attending internal and international seminars.
  8. Support operating and qualitative system done in hospital.
  9. Planing for increase cooperation between all part of hospital.
  10. participate and lecturing in seminar with goal of having positive experience.
  11. Made posibilitiy for internal and international visitors