Clinical Research Center

نسخه قابل چاپارسال به دوستان

CEO:  P. Shadpour. M.D

Executive Director: P.Shahrokhi. M.D

Epidwmiologists: M.Shati. M.D

Secratory: Leila Lak


Tel: 021- 88644486

Fax: 021-88644497


Goals and Activities:

1.Research about kidney diseases

2.Accept research plan from all over the country

3.Offer research services to professors, residents, interns in related course

4.Holding educational and research workshops

5.Codification and approval of thesis

6.Peresent articles in international and internal congress

7.Issue articles in international and internal journals

8.Epidemiological and statistics consulting in research projects

9. Cooperation with other research center inside and outside of the counry